Like in the fairytale Goldilocks with the three bears’ tasting their porridge, there’s a “just right” when it comes to creating and paying for a new logo. Sure, you can scour the plethora of websites offering freelancers around the world at prices as low as $5 to mastermind your beloved company a new identity. But rather than leave it to chance and the hope to find someone who intimately understands your vision, you’ll be much better off enlisting a team who specializes in bringing brands to life through a strategic, thoughtful design approach. While it’s not brain surgery, there is a bit of science to creativity. And we’ve found clients who understand and become part of this process with us end up the most satisfied.

The Right Approach in Developing a Logo

StudioMax adheres to these best practices and doesn’t charge an arm and 2 legs to deliver the highest quality creative. We believe there is a happy medium, a just right in time and budget spent for one of the most essential elements of your brand. We value our talents and know we will create an original logo you won’t find anywhere else.


Who: Besnard Insurance
What: Logo Refresh

Who: Core RX
What: Logo Refresh