VAYU CLIENT TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY BRANDING, WEB, VIDEOSERVICES VISIT SITE Vayu is the world’s first 3D residential wind turbine. Headquartered in Switzerland, Vayu challenged us to bring their vision to life. We named the product based on word in Hindu meaning “lord of the winds.” Once we established the name, we created their brand with a […]

Calusa Brewing

CALUSA BREWINGCLIENT CRAFT BEER INDUSTRY BRANDING, PACKAGINGSERVICES VISIT SITE Calusa Brewing has been a partner of ours since they bought the warehouse that has become their brewery and taproom. With a name that has local ties to a Native American tribe in the Sarasota area, our challenge was to start with a completely blank canvas […]

Pinellas Chocolate

PINELLAS CHOCOLATECLIENT CONSUMER GOODSINDUSTRY BRANDING, PACKAGINGSERVICES VISIT SITE A local, craft chocolatier challenged us to elevate their brand to a level that put them on the same playing field as the other high-end, craft chocolate brands. The wave element in the logo represents their unique chocolate bar shape. They desired a national brand feel, without […]

Brown Bear Coffee

BROWN BEAR COFFEECLIENT CONSUMER GOODS INDUSTRY BRANDING, WEB, PACKAGINGSERVICES VISIT SITE Brown Bear is a local coffee roaster that required an elevated brand that had some personality and edge. We designed his coffee bean packaging in a clean/modern way with the bear “exploding” out of the bag. We then extended their product line with a […]

Due South Brewing Co.

DUE SOUTH BREWING CO. CLIENT CRAFT BEER INDUSTRY BRANDING, PACKAGINGSERVICES We’re extremely proud of our craft brewery portfolio and Due South was our very first client in this industry. Due South was up and running with a logo that reflected their story (owner moved due south to Boynton Beach to open the brewery). Our challenge […]