5 reasons direct mail is still alive and effective

Set the phone down, close the laptop and sketch out some ideas. That’s what our team did when tasked with coming up with new postcard ideas for JK Moving. We kept this in mind as inspiration:

When the real mailbox is full, customers donʼt immediately delete.
1. People actually enjoy getting mail

Deloitte research says that almost a third of US Consumers have felt overwhelmed by digital device and subscription management since 2020. But according to 2021 USPS research, direct mail is a popular alternative. 72% of the youngest customers surveyed, Gen Z, say that they look forward to discovering mail with excitement. And 38% of those surveyed visited a website after receiving relevant direct mail. A majority of millennials surveyed say that direct mail feels more secure than digital communication. They’re also the customers most likely to take action like visiting a website or visiting a store after receiving direct mail.

2. Direct mail is perceived to be more important than an email

• According to survey results from Lob’s 2022 State of Direct Mail
Consumer Insights report:
• 50% of consumers 35+ say that direct mail feels more important
than email communication from a brand
• 44% say direct mail is their top channel for unknown brands
• 62% say direct mail inspired them to act

3. You can reach more than one customer at a time

Per recent census data, 72% of U.S. households have two or more people living together. In 2022, this includes more adult children still living with their parents. This includes 19% of men and 12% of women ages 25-34. Thus if you’re sending mail to a home, you’re more likely to reach one or more members of that household. And 72% of consumers read direct mail immediately or the same day they get their mail.

4. Less competition than email

It’s estimated that by 2025 people will be sending over 325 billion emails per day. In 2022, 33% of marketers sent weekly emails, and another 26% sent emails multiple times per month. In contrast, the average U.S. household in 2021 received only 361 pieces of direct mail marketing. That’s less than 400 pieces of mail for the entire year.

5. You can create something creative, tangible and memorable

While direct mail can’t be deleted, it can be tossed away, but not usually before it at least gets a look. When you make that postcard or envelope stand out, it’s more likely to illicit a response, or even be kept on the fridge.

Here are two different postcard campaigns StudioMax Design created for JK Moving.

Audience: Those who just sold a home
Key Insight: The number one concern is people moving want to know their belongings will be protected