table5 Pizza

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table5 Pizza


Client: Tblae 5 Artisan Pizzas

Table5 is a new line of frozen pizzas that uses a famous cornmeal crust by Vicolo, which is the San Francisco bay area’s #1 prepared pizza seller in grocery. Building on a proven crust and Vicolo brand, Table5 offers a variety of delicious, unexpected, high quality pizza products that are head and shoulders above the competition in the frozen pizza category.

Table5 came to us with their vision and it was our job to give the new line of pizzas a name, brand, identity and package design. The founders always met at their favorite restaurant during the early planning stages of their business and they always sat at Table #5, so we used that back story as the meaning behind the name. Our client desired a premium, modern look that belongs in today’s trendy food industry, especially in the bay area. We’re differentiating the brand from other frozen pizzas through the use of a strong black box, silhouetted pizza images and an overall modern, clean design.


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